Search for the Golden Serpent – Book One


SEARCH FOR THE GOLDEN SERPENT is an epic tale of heroes and immortals, embroiled in a dangerous game of survival.

The story is about Evan, an architect whose been having strange dreams. He received an unexpected phone call from an entrepreneur from Greece who wants Evan to restore his Family’s home. He dismissed the caller and regarded the person as a crank. During a dream, he met the mysterious entrepreneur, Zeus, who catapulted him back in time, five hundred years before the birth of Christ. Evan, an unwilling participant finds himself entangled in an epic struggle between the gods and his life.

The emergence of Christianity threatens the power of the Greek Gods. The Olympian Gods are unable to prevent the Moirai’s prophecy from being fulfilled turn to their children, the Atlanteans. Poseidon instructs the Atlanteans to recover sacred relics belonging to the Mother Goddess. By harnessing their power, it can bring to an end this threat. The High Priestess to the Mother Goddess, Alexina, is selected to retrieve the sacred relics along with four others: EVAN, Leander, Homer and Hektor.

Meanwhile, the Goddess of Discord, Eris seeks to ruin the Olympian Gods. She sends vicious harpies to spy on them, for she is still bitter at Zeus for exiling her to Tartaros. She teams up with the Dark Master, and they set out to prevent the Atlanteans’ from completing the quest.

For the Dark Master, a fallen Titan, the time of the Olympian Gods is over and plots their downfall, even if he has to affiliate himself with the less than savoury character Eris and her hateful and malicious pets. However, he would bide his time, after all he waited for this moment for over a millennia and does not want to anything to go wrong. He would wait and watch, and then he would act.

Zeus captures Evan and forces him to revisit the events that led to the Atlanteans’ departure. Zeus deposits Evan onto the wreckage of the Atlantean ship. He is rescued by a passing merchant ship and befriended by a Phoenician. The ship is on its way to Russadir and while there Evan meets a young beggar boy, Dexion, who is a seer.

With his two newfound companions Evan travels from Hippo Regius to Carthage and locate a library where ancient scrolls are stored. A clue from a parchment, leads them to the Valley of the Kings. They must journey Egypt to find the relics, a golden serpent, but Zeus pays Evan a visit. He must stop at Kyrene, a Greek settlement to rescue the Atlanteans from a tyrant king. Homer, resisted the king’s questions was beaten by the king’s men and rendered unconscious.

Evan negotiates their release and the group journeys to Egypt. Evan finds the relic and they return to Memphis. Homer recovered but cannot speak. The Atlanteans are guided to Sais where Evan and the High Priestess hear of Atlantis’ destruction. They learn they must go to Kretos but their ship is redirected by outside forces and they arrive in the Bay of Pylos.

The Atlanteans become reluctant guests of the king until they are able to convince him to release them. Evan has a chance meeting with a mysterious woman, Melaina who tells him to go to Delphi and see the Pythia. Melaina, a goddess and the impetuous daughter of Kronos, manipulates a way to get involved and join the group.

Book One ends when the Atlanteans arrive in Delphi, the sacred centre of Hellas.

9 thoughts on “Search for the Golden Serpent – Book One

    • So do I 🙂 I was inspired by the works of Homes and wanted to write stories where the gods play with people’s lives.
      It’s curtrently under edit and trying to get an agent for it but if no joy I will publish it as an e-book. I will keep you posted. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  1. I’ve always loved Mythology and found that the alleged links – deep and archetypal – to basic human psychology are scientifically provable facts. I’ve been following the blog for a while. Will most certainly continue doing so.


    • Thank you very much Ana! I also believe mythology is more than just great storytelling, it is the basis of human nature and needing to learn about themselves and the world around them.
      Thank you for your insightful comment 😀


  2. The fascinating thing is: I’ve drawn on mythology (Greek and Roman) in The Blacksmith, related to human potential. There are Core Mars or Venera people, to give an example. And one of the most fascinating connections to your post: There’s a character who goes by the name of Hector too 🙂 I guess this is another proof that Carl Jung knew what he was doing when he described the collective unconscious. From your posts I see you’re a highly cultivated author, which I deeply respect. God bless you!


    • You are too kind Ana, thank you for the compliment. I do think mythology resonates with many people and some more than others. 🙂
      I am looking forward to reading your excerpts on your blog.
      Thank you Ana.


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