Reviews for Aphrodite’s Curse

Reviews from the most recent

‘Short story: Aphrodite’s Curse’ by Carrie Slager on her website The Mad Reviewer

‘Brings mythological characters to life’ by M.C. Dulac on Amazon

‘Poetic and Fascinating’ by Ariesgrl on Amazon and on Nicole’s website Ariesgrl Book Reviews

‘Phaedra’s last words’ by Melpomene Selemidis on Amazon and on her website Musings of Melpomene

‘A Classic Myth with a Twist, Please’ by Joshua Dyer on A Day in the Life

Review by Julie Maree on Smashwords

‘Farewell letter concentrating on the myths of Minos and Theseus in a nutshell’ by Thorwald Franke on Amazon

Review by Chris Lane on Goodreads

‘A great read’ by JulieMaree on Amazon

‘A fresh take’ by George L. Weaver on Amazon. Check out her webpage

‘A good historical read’ by Elleran1969 on Amazon


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