The Curse of Troy

The Curse of Troy

Helen’s Story

Luciana Cavallaro

THE CURSE OF TROY is the untold story of a woman’s fall from favour, the quest for supremacy and immortality.

Enter a world where legend and reality blur. Queen Helen of Sparta, the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world is both renowned and condemned for prompting a war. Two great powers—the Achaeans and Trojans—fighting a bloody battle where thousands of men died. The grounds of Ilium steeped in their blood. Gone is the age where heroes tread the earth with their magnificence and god given gifts.

But did this all happen as we have been led to believe?

Hear the truth as revealed by Helen. In her words as she recounts the events leading to death and destruction. You will be amazed, shocked and appalled yet it is true.

Come on a journey where this goddess of women rises from the ashes like a phoenix and overcomes the most treacherous of human nature.

This is Helen’s story.


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