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Architectural genius

The Palace of Knossos would have to be one of the most amazing ancient sites I was fortunate to see. Built around 2000 BCE, and the largest of structures on Crete, it was the main power and pivotal centre of Minoan culture. The first palaces (Knossos, Mallia, Phaistos, Hagia Triada and Zakro) were destroyed by…

The Mother of All Headaches

Have you ever had one of those bad headache days where you feel as if your skull is going to split in two? Or feel like your head is in a vice and squeezed till you almost pass out? Anyone who’s had a migraine will understand. So when Zeus had a monster headache did he…

Welcome to Nestor’s Place

‘…the Sun leapt up into the brazen firmament to bring light to the immortals and to mortal men on the fruitful earth. The travellers now came to Pylos, the stately citadel of Neleos….’ Homer The Odyssey, Book 2, 1-4 To continue with the journey… ancient greeksAncient Historyarchitectureartscreative storyGreek Mythologyhomer the iliadiliad and the odysseyinspirationlegendary talestravelvacationwriting