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Up Up and Away

The eBook version of Search for the Golden Serpent is now live! If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may be lucky enough to sneak in and pre-order your copy before the day is out! It’s not where he appears, it’s when. What if you’re born during another time, grew up in the 21st…

The Mother of All Headaches

Have you ever had one of those bad headache days where you feel as if your skull is going to split in two? Or feel like your head is in a vice and squeezed till you almost pass out? Anyone who’s had a migraine will understand. So when Zeus had a monster headache did he…

Book Cover Reveal – Results

Thank you all so much for participating and voting for your favourite cover Book Cover Reveal. It was a wonderful response and a big thank you to those who commented. I have a few ideas as per suggestions for my next story and book cover. Now for the results! 74% voted for… Book Cover 1 Look out for the…

Inspire, Imagine, Create

‘I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’ Albert Einstein May our imaginations be fertile May we always be inspired May we always create albert einsteinartscreative processillustrationimagination is more important than knowledgeinspirationliteraturequotessciencewriting

Welcome to Nestor’s Place

‘…the Sun leapt up into the brazen firmament to bring light to the immortals and to mortal men on the fruitful earth. The travellers now came to Pylos, the stately citadel of Neleos….’ Homer The Odyssey, Book 2, 1-4 To continue with the journey… ancient greeksAncient Historyarchitectureartscreative storyGreek Mythologyhomer the iliadiliad and the odysseyinspirationlegendary talestravelvacationwriting