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Poll: Where entertainment and historical fact mix

Apologies for my absence, it has been a busy August, not to say the previous months weren’t. I am sure it is the same for you too. Technology has its advantages, and I do appreciate it uses, but boy has it created more work. Never mind, let’s move on. creative processcreative storycreativityentertainmentFacthistorical eventsHistorical FictionMoviesopinionPollswriting

The (uneasy?) marriage between fact and fiction

In the previous blog Entertainment over historical accuracy, the comments received ranged from not being impressed with the film or the depiction of Egypt and the “exodus”, the misinterpretation of information to acceptance that the film industry glosses and loosely portrays the truth. (I hope you’re not out of breath after that long sentence!) We…

Pandora is out of the Box!

The day has arrived and Boxed in a Curse is out, out, OUT. Pandora has once again opened the proverbial box (really an urn) and now is in the ethers of digital space. I hope she finds a good home to settle and entertain. Blurb She was created by the gods as a gift to…