Symbols of Easter older than Christianity

Everyone is familiar with the Easter egg and bunny, well its commercial aspect, thanks to chocolate companies creating all shapes of eggs and bunnies for the almighty dollar. Not the Almighty God in this case. Most of us would have had our fair share of purchasing and consuming the confectionery items. But where did these iconic figures come from and what is their true meaning?

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Mistranslation altered meaning of ancient festival

Some years ago, when I was researching about Pandora for my short story collection Accursed Women, I learnt there was an error in translation of a word. The significance of that mistranslation changed the way in which the myth was told and, subsequent interpretations through art and spin off stories. You can read about my blog post here: Idle curiosity of malicious intent. While researching about the origins of Easter, I learnt (many of you may already know this) that the Greek word ‘Pascha’ meaning Passover was mistranslated as Easter.

Das, Vraja Bihari (2018). Power of Traditions. Yoga for Modern Age.

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Pagan roots of Easter

For those who have been following my blog know I am historian with a specialist interest and knowledge in ancient history. So, the content of this article may not come to you as a surprise. As today is Good Friday, I thought it would be an opportunity to write about the origins of this Holy event beginning with resurrection.

The Return of Persephone, c.1891 (oil on canvas) by Leighton, Frederic (1830-96); 203×152 cm; Leeds Museums and Galleries (City Art Gallery) U.K.; English, out of copyright

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Mythology, are the Stories Still Valid Today?

Back in May, I was a guest blogger on Roy Huff’s Blog when I posted the article and want to share it here with you today. Roy is the author of the Everville Series and not too long ago I hosted a competition he was running for his second book in the series: The City of Worms.

To the article.

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to Roy for inviting me to be a guest blogger on his website. It is a great honour and I hope you enjoy my post. I’m a bit of fan of mythology, especially Greek myths, but am not an expert nor purport to be one. I love the stories, have learned a great deal from them and continue to do so.

Prometheus Gustave Moreau 1868

Gustave Moreau 1868

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