Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

I guess it’s a metaphorical question rather than a literal one, mainly because I was curious as to whether my absence from blogging would have an impact but the more I thought about it, does it really matter? Truthfully, yes. Like other aspiring writers a way to garner interest in your work is to put yourself out there, literally exposing your feelings and dreams and hopefully people/readers will find you. This is my aim and with it develop an audience, and with this wonderful group and future readers, they take the leap and read my stories.

It is daunting and just recently I have a short story published on Amazon and Smashwords, which to be honest a scary feeling. You just don’t know whether people will be interested enough to read it. This is doubly hard for me to accept, as I would like to see results [must be the teacher side of me coming through! or perhaps the virgoan trait]. Needless to say, it is out there now and to quote a famous line sung by Doris Day, ‘que sera, sera’.

On another note, I just read an informative post by Joanna Penn, who is a self-published writer and recently acquired an agent. In her post, she reveals what she had gone through in order to follow her dream. It is worth a read and one that confirms for me that I am on right track.

Will they like it or not?

I have read hundreds of books and some stand out more than others, while there are those that slip down the wayside. Why? I probably could re-iterate an English lesson here but what it really comes down to is one major factor: do you like what you’ve read? This business of writing is so subjective that even if you have a great story, it doesn’t mean the agent or publisher will like it. You are at the mercy of whether the story strikes a chord with them.

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