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Out on a Limb

I want to thank Wapi Aponi for hosting me on their blog. For great interviews, book reviews and news on authors all here, created for readers to connect with writers. To find out more about, read my interview . aspiring authorsauthorsbloggingbook reviewsbooksconnectionscreative processfellow writerhostinginspirationinterviewliteratureWriterswriting

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

I guess it’s a metaphorical question rather than a literal one, mainly because I was curious as to whether my absence from blogging would have an impact but the more I thought about it, does it really matter? Truthfully, yes. Like other aspiring writers a way to garner interest in your work is to put yourself out…

Will they like it or not?

I have read hundreds of books and some stand out more than others, while there are those that slip down the wayside. Why? I probably could re-iterate an English lesson here but what it really comes down to is one major factor: do you like what you’ve read? This business of writing is so subjective…