Daily Musings

A friend of mine suggested first thing every morning to write down whatever comes to mind. She got this from reading The artist’s way by Julia Cameron. I haven’t as yet read this book but the idea is to put down on paper your feelings: good and bad. She found the exercise useful because she would write down the negative feelings, get the angst out and now it has changed to more positive writing. I suppose it is like a self-healing process; identifying what has been making you unhappy or feeling particularly down and by expressing them, you are giving them a voice and in a way dealing with them. So I have begun writing a journal.

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The virtue of patience

‘I write to discover what I think.’ Joan Didion

Being patient is not one of my greatest virtues. If it was possible I would like certain things to have already happened rather than wait for it to happen. It goes hand in hand with not able to control certain elements of your life. Don’t get me wrong, you can control some things but like getting feedback or a positive response from a literary agent, it isn’t always probable. It’s also frustrating. I am waiting to start the next stage in my career as writer but its all pending on whether the agent/s love my work. As they say, all it takes is one and the right agent to get on board.

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My motivation

I was thinking about what to blog when my sister suggested how I keep motivated to write. Great idea!

First and foremost, I love to write and secondly, though these two points are really on par, is the ambition to be published. I have never felt so strongly or wanted something badly, the only exception is travelling. I love to travel. Though for the time being, travel will have to go on the back-burner until finances improve.  Continue reading

I believe in me

One of the most difficult thing to realise is fulfilling your dreams. Its funny, as a teacher I would often tell students to follow their hearts and do what you love. Yet here I was doing the opposite. I became a teacher because it’s what I wanted to do, but over time it became a burden and my heart wasn’t in it. And then the Universe was sending lots of messages I failed to take note of and simply wasn’t ready to listen. Well, finally I did listen and here I am doing exactly what I have been preaching to hundreds of students.

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