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Indie Author Land Interview

Hi everyone, I want to let you know my short story Boxed in a Curse is featured on Indie Author Land. You can learn about why I wrote the series of short stories Accursed Women. I would be honoured if you’d check it out. As always, I look forward to your comments. Thank you  …

Q and A with Michael S. Fedison

I’ve been following Mike’s The Eye Dancers blog for a while now and impressed by the articles he’s written. His posts are well written, informative and the discourse is entertaining. I then received an email from Mike asking whether I’d be interested in a literary exchange. He suggested we buy and read each other’s work…

Out on a Limb

I want to thank Wapi Aponi for hosting me on their blog. For great interviews, book reviews and news on authors all here, created for readers to connect with writers. To find out more about, read my interview . aspiring authorsauthorsbloggingbook reviewsbooksconnectionscreative processfellow writerhostinginspirationinterviewliteratureWriterswriting