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A Greek Settlement in North Africa

Now, to get back to the story… my character managed to obtain passage on a merchant ship and convinces the captain to sail to Cyrene (Kyrene in Greek). He learnt this is where his fellow companions had been taken and held prisoner by the king. Cyrene (present day Shahhat) was founded in 630 BC by colonists…


Carthage was the site of a powerful trading empire and rivalled Rome in supremacy until the 2nd Century BC. Established by the Phoenicians in the 9th century, and later became the main city after the fall of Tyre in the 6th century. Today, in Tunisia, the ruins of Carthage are protected by UNESCO and only…

Destination: North Africa

The next few stops my main character makes on his journey is along the North African coastline. Why? 1: I wanted to learn more about the Phoenicians, and 2: why not?? african coastlineancient egyptianscreative storyLevantlibyaliteraturenatural harboursphoenicianspoliticspurple dyetravelwriting