Where did the year go?

It’s hard to believe but the first anniversary of Accursed Women is fast approaching. A lot has happened since 30 November 2013, high and low events. The greatest achievement was the publication of Accursed Women. The book launch was a wonderful success with support from family, friends and people I hadn’t met before. It had a positive vibe and great energy. I was buzzing and so was the room full of guests.



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Meet author Eric Alagan

I have been following Eric’s blog Written Words Never Die for 3 years now and each time I read his posts I learn something new. His flash fiction, words of wisdom and fiction is exceptional and if you haven’t read his works, I recommend you do.

Eric’s latest book Mechanic Leigh print version is now available at Amazon. To read the amazing reviews please go his blog post Mechanic Leigh Print Version on Amazon


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Multiple Awards

I received a surprise message from the lovely Emily Guido of The Light Bearer Series fame before Christmas nominating me for a quintet of awards. THANK YOU Emily, my head is still reeling! Three of the five I received during 2012 and not sure I deserve the other two, but Emily assured me otherwise. There are, as always, instructions and while it’s good to adhere to them, I’m going to be a little creative with their interpretation.

I would also like to add this will be the last nomination I will accept. As they say, go out with a bang!

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My nominees are:

Literature and Culture A wonderful blog about world literature and history.

She Kept a Parrot  Take a virtual journey with George as she showcases her photos from her garden to railway tracks and beyond.

History of the Ancient World An extraordinary collection of historical facts

Welcome to the official Blog of Equatours Limited This is where I travel vicariously. Awesome locations with great information and pics

The World of Alexander the Great If you want to know about Alexander the Great, this is the blog for you. Comprehensive and thorough.

Author Thelma Cunningham Probably the most compassionate site I follow.

Poeta Officium A writer’s journey, one of which I can relate to. Thanks Virginia.

Julie Hicks A blog with character Actually, I don’t need to add more, but I will anyway. Julie’s blog is witty and her weekly story excerpts are fun and well written. Look for her pictures, they are whimsical and cute.


Love Luciana

50 Shades of Jealousy

I had an interesting incident happen last week, one that still confounds me. Let me set the scene for you: a colleague was preparing for a big event, a wonderful and possibly one leading into a new career and I was happy for them. They sent out emails about the pending event and asked to forward the message on. As the date drew near, more emails were sent reminding everyone to reply back with numbers. In between all this, I received some good news and because this person was helpful in making it possible I shared it with them.

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Daily Musings

A friend of mine suggested first thing every morning to write down whatever comes to mind. She got this from reading The artist’s way by Julia Cameron. I haven’t as yet read this book but the idea is to put down on paper your feelings: good and bad. She found the exercise useful because she would write down the negative feelings, get the angst out and now it has changed to more positive writing. I suppose it is like a self-healing process; identifying what has been making you unhappy or feeling particularly down and by expressing them, you are giving them a voice and in a way dealing with them. So I have begun writing a journal.

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Self Revelation

I was almost going to call this post ‘Self Actualisation’ and in some ways it is however, the current title is more apt. I remember at university studying child psychology and learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, of which ‘self actualisation’ is at top of the five stages of need. Simply, it is realising your personal potential and achieving self-fulfilment. I understood this in principal and thought I had achieved this, but truthfully always felt something was lacking. I wasn’t quite there yet as it turns out.

Do you ever wonder whether some days you’re on the right path and doing what you should be? I did and all it took strangely enough, was a temporary position I was in. You don’t know you are going to miss something until its taken from you. I made a conscious decision to keep writing when I got home from work. I did try but it just didn’t work for me. I know lots of people do it and manage it well, but I’m not one of those individuals. My brain doesn’t function well when tired.

The revelation happened when the job was coming to the end and work colleagues were asking what my intentions were when I finished. The answer was simple and honest. I miss writing and will be focussing on finishing my short story with the plan to get it published by Christmas. This is the first time ever in my life I knew this was right. I mean really right. How often does that ever happen? I have no idea because this is a first for me and it is wonderful and liberating.

What did I do to have this happen? Not much really, except accept and acknowledge what I am doing. I am looking forward to whatever happens from here on because I am ready.

Has anyone else have or had similar experiences?

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

I guess it’s a metaphorical question rather than a literal one, mainly because I was curious as to whether my absence from blogging would have an impact but the more I thought about it, does it really matter? Truthfully, yes. Like other aspiring writers a way to garner interest in your work is to put yourself out there, literally exposing your feelings and dreams and hopefully people/readers will find you. This is my aim and with it develop an audience, and with this wonderful group and future readers, they take the leap and read my stories.

It is daunting and just recently I have a short story published on Amazon and Smashwords, which to be honest a scary feeling. You just don’t know whether people will be interested enough to read it. This is doubly hard for me to accept, as I would like to see results [must be the teacher side of me coming through! or perhaps the virgoan trait]. Needless to say, it is out there now and to quote a famous line sung by Doris Day, ‘que sera, sera’.

On another note, I just read an informative post by Joanna Penn, who is a self-published writer and recently acquired an agent. In her post, she reveals what she had gone through in order to follow her dream. It is worth a read and one that confirms for me that I am on right track.

Words or pictures?

‘If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it
I might be writing in my dreams.’ Terri Guillemets

A picture can paint a thousand words, but words can create a thousand pictures. We all can read the same book but come up with different meanings and images because of our experiences. Depending on we are from it can either be enriching or be determined by pre-existing ideas. What an author intends to be interpreted may be completely misconstrued or perhaps read in a different light.

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