Words or pictures?

‘If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it
I might be writing in my dreams.’ Terri Guillemets

A picture can paint a thousand words, but words can create a thousand pictures. We all can read the same book but come up with different meanings and images because of our experiences. Depending on we are from it can either be enriching or be determined by pre-existing ideas. What an author intends to be interpreted may be completely misconstrued or perhaps read in a different light.

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My motivation

I was thinking about what to blog when my sister suggested how I keep motivated to write. Great idea!

First and foremost, I love to write and secondly, though these two points are really on par, is the ambition to be published. I have never felt so strongly or wanted something badly, the only exception is travelling. I love to travel. Though for the time being, travel will have to go on the back-burner until finances improve.  Continue reading

Erratic behaviour

Have you had a day or days where you mind is all over the place? Well, that has been my week. Unfortunately, it has impacted on my writing. Without a free mind to be creative it makes it really hard to construct a sentence let alone string them into a coherent idea!

I am currently listening to Louise Hay, hoping her positive message is going to sink in. It has worked for me in the past so right now I need to hear what she is teaching. Sometimes things happen beyond your control and accepting them is one step.

I have my massage therapist to thank for putting me onto Louise Hay because it has helped me deal with situations that have previously been difficult to move on. If you haven’t heard or read any of Ms Hay’s work, it is worth a try.