A 5 Star Review for Boxed in a Curse

It has been over a month since Boxed in a Curse was published as an eBook and it is stressful time for any writer who is waiting to read their first review, whether it the first book or tenth. In any case, you wonder how your story is received. Of course, on an intellectual level you know not everyone will like what you write but you hope someone will pick up and give it a go. That’s all you really want. On an emotional level, your gut churns, the acids build and your fingernails take a beating. You really want readers to like your book.

This is the first review for my fourth short story, and just like the release of the previous stories, it has been an anxious wait. Carrie Slager, The Mad Reviewer kindly agreed to read my version of the Pandora myth and has posted a review on her blog. I do hope you head over and read what she wrote.

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Idle Curiosity or Malicious Intent?

Pandora was the first woman created out of clay by the gods. Her name means ‘all gifts’ (pan, doros) as she was endowed with the various attributes from each of the gods. The gods with their multi-faceted behaviours had in fact produced a human in their own image. One of the earliest literary versions of the Pandora story appears in Hesiod’s poetry; Theogony – one line and in his Works and Days. In an older version still, Homer’s Iliad, he didn’t mention Pandora though did recite lines about urns that contained blessings and troubles which plague humanity.

Pandora by Pierre Loison 1910-1912 Louvre Museum

by Pierre Loison
Louvre Museum

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