Plato’s Atlantis

The legend of Atlantis begins with Plato who wrote two Socratic dialogues Timaeus and Critias. These are the only two existing written records which refer to the lost continent. The fact that Plato wrote about the fabled city gives credence to the existence of such a place. Like Homer before him and the legend of Troy, Plato heard the story of Atlantis and retold it. According to a number of sources, Plato while a boy was listening to his great grandfather, Solon and other men who recounted the story. Much like the Homer’s Iliad, the legend of Atlantis has a basis in fact, and it’s a matter of washing out the dregs to get to the gold.

Plato from the School of Athens by Raphael, 1509 Wikipedia

Plato from the School of Athens by Raphael, 1509

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Mythology, are the Stories Still Valid Today?

Back in May, I was a guest blogger on Roy Huff’s Blog when I posted the article and want to share it here with you today. Roy is the author of the Everville Series and not too long ago I hosted a competition he was running for his second book in the series: The City of Worms.

To the article.

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to Roy for inviting me to be a guest blogger on his website. It is a great honour and I hope you enjoy my post. I’m a bit of fan of mythology, especially Greek myths, but am not an expert nor purport to be one. I love the stories, have learned a great deal from them and continue to do so.

Prometheus Gustave Moreau 1868

Gustave Moreau 1868

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The First Domestic Goddess

In recent years due to the increasing popularity of cooking shows, a number of ‘cooks’ have become famous, with Nigella Lawson as prime example. Of course Julia Childs must be included, she did pave the way for cooking shows on television. But credit must be given to Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth. If it wasn’t for Hestia, the concept of home and hearth would perhaps never be realised.

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Where the heck has the time gone!

You know that saying ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’, well I’d like to redress and say ‘Time flies.’ That’s it. I really don’t know what happened to last week, or the week before that. In fact, this year is flying by. I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time to blog, read blogs I follow, comment on my Facebook page, now Twitter and in between all this, write, edit, maintain my home and work. Is it just me or has this digital world-the information age-created a time poor environment?

I’m quite good at organising my time but finding it harder and harder to finish jobs or even starting them. Even while writing this post I am very conscious of the time because shortly I need to head off to tutor a student. So what I’d like to know is time speeding up? I read a great book called The Schumann Frequency by Australian author Christopher Ride. It is a novel but he did refer to scientific facts. In short it’s about time speeding up and with it chaos: the increase in natural disasters, crime rate growing exponentially, basically how life is affected by this anomaly. Sound familiar? One just has to read the paper or watch the news to hear something terrible going on.

As they say, something has to give. I will still be blogging and keeping up to date with Facebook-ing and twittering but not as frequently as I have done in the past. For me it is important to work on my manuscripts, critiquing and submitting to agents, plus have a life! But I’d still like to know if others are finding it just as difficult as I am??

Now I really got to go!



This morning, after picking up some groceries stopped at the video store to pick up some DVD’s. While wandering around I saw $20 lying on the floor. There were only three people in the store. So I took the money to the counter and handed it in. There was no question as to what I was going to do. It’s a lot of money especially in our economic climate and yes, it would have come in handy, but I would have felt guilty at keeping it.

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Spoken V Written

I was thinking about purchasing the software program ‘Dragonspeak’. I first came across it while at a specialist and during the appointment he dictated his findings. I thought how cool would that be for the days when the pain was too great to type.  As I said, was thinking. I then started to wonder at the application of it. Continue reading