Dangerous, yet beautiful

Our next port of call is the Cycladic island, Santorini. I’ve been fortunate to go there twice and I still remember how excited I was the first time I went. It was research for my series, Servant of the Gods, but it was so much more. I wanted to see Akrotiri, the Bronze Age city that was buried when the volcano erupted but unfortunately it was closed to the public. I was so disappointed. I had travelled from Australia specially to see it, and I never got to step a foot near the place. I did later hear when I returned to Perth that someone, a tourist, was injured at the site.

Santorini Map and Travel Guide
Courtesy of https://www.tripsavvy.com/santorini-map-and-travel-guide-4135202

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Ka-bang! Gone from existence!

3,500 years ago there was a small unique island in the Greek Cyclades, with a thriving metropolis, strong trade and a thalassocracy, naval supremacy. Then in a single day and night, there was a mighty eruption, the largest and most destructive in the world’s history. Even to this day, no other eruption has come close to the cataclysm that wiped out this ancient civilisation. I know many of you will say it didn’t completely destroy the people and you are right. However, this culture never regained its former glory, over run by invading forces and soon melted away into non-existence until Sir Arthur Evans brought it back to life.

Nea Kameni see from Thera, Santorini Photo by Bernard Gagnon, Wikipedia

Nea Kameni see from Thera, Santorini
Photo by Bernard Gagnon, Wikipedia

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