I don’t usually whinge it’s a trait that is not part of my character. I tend to deal with what’s happening and move on. There is no point on dwelling or wallowing on situations or circumstances you cannot control. However, I am frustrated and ticked off by the cards Fate has dealt my family. It seems each time a good event occurs we are brought down by unpleasant news. This is what happened just over the Easter long weekend.


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I know working from home should be easier and now have time to write. How wrong am I! For the past month, I have been so busy with home related issues that my writing has taken a back seat. I am hoping this will change really, really soon. I was thinking what a wonderful opportunity I have created  to write and write. The Universe must have other plans for me at the moment. That’s okay, I will roll with it.

Back to my writing. I am in the process of writing the third book and was thinking it would be the last one in the series. Yeah, right. My characters have decided otherwise. Yesterday in one of the scenes I got a surprise from one of my main characters. The narrative did give me pause and now I’m thinking perhaps they haven’t quite finished with me. It is a strange relationship really. I mean apart from creating my characters – physical features and persona – they really take over the writing process.

I set out my scenes as a basic outline, not much detail, don’t want to ruin the ‘creative’ genesis.  Put my characters in certain situations and see how they respond. Each and every time I am surprised. Sometimes I wonder how to write them out their predicament but they always have the answer. They are very clever characters and I am having fun exploring this journey with them.

The Decision

The decision to resign/retire from teaching was actually easy. In fact, if it wasn’t for the ‘push’ or was it a ‘thrust’? given by a colleague, I probably still be teaching.  Let me just say, the Universe has been working hard to make me realise what I am meant to be doing. After four car accidents, yes four, the last I did not mention in the first blog. (I was the meat in the sandwich in that one.) And two incidents at work, I then knew it was time to move on.

At first, I did not understand the purpose behind the car accidents. The one thing I did know was I wanted to write. So write I did. But the accidents kept coming. And then I was asking why me? Why are these accidents happening? It forced me to look at myself, something that is never easy to do. What I found, I didn’t like but you know what? it helped me to learn about myself and deal with issues I did not want to face. I am still learning about myself but it is getting easier.

I strongly believe the Universe was telling me to follow my dream of writing stories and because I kept missing the signs, It needed to send a strong message. I finally got it.

I don’t regret my past as a teacher. I met wonderful people who are still friends. Now it is my time to look forward to a new career and one that is fruitful.